Studying with the OU and other life

A little while ago I wrote that I do not believe whole heartedly in University. Unless you decide to do something with your university education, it just seems a moot point. I recently, however, discovered that I would like to do something with education, or rather in education. For about 2 years now I have been stuck in administrative jobs, and although I have worked in great places and met amazing people, my job roles have just left me unfulfilled. I miss the days of working with children, the interactivity, the enjoyment.

I used to work with children with special needs, mostly with autism. And I have decided to return to this, and will be starting a new job in just over a week. Alongside my new career, I am studying with the Open University for my Ba in English Literature. I hope that when I finish my degree, I will be in a position where I can go into teaching, specifically special needs teaching. Also, rather hypocritically of me, I missed studying. I missed the pressure, the deadlines, the responsibility and the fun of it.

As well as all of this, I am moving from London to Yorkshire in 7 days, with my much better half, and we are starting a life their. (Very strange feeling for two born and raised Londoners). So right now my life is full of balls in the air that I am trying to juggle without letting any drop.

Currently I am studying my first ever module with the OU, AA100 The Arts Past and Present, and am so far loving it.

And please, do not despair…there will be reviews and more to come.


I have returned

Like Sherlock Holmes making a surprise re entry after the Reichenbach Falls, I have returned. I have had great fun making cakes, which I am still doing, although not as intensely. I have recently returned to University, studying English Literature with the OU, and thought it was about time I returned to my great love of all things literary.

I’m glad to be back.

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