Top 5 Winter Warmers

As vaguely promised, on the 1st of every month, there shall be a list of my top 5 films in a certain category. Following on from the festive theme of the past week and the bitter cold weather, this month shall be my top 5 winter films. Films that make you want to sit on the sofa with a slanket, and entire box of thorntons and a steaming hot chocolate, maybe even a mince pie or two.


5. Big Daddy – this, to be fair, is an all year round film. It’s funny, heart warming, etc. and what is better than a 5 year old child called Frankenstein proclaiming: “I wipe my own ass!”?

4. Edward Scissorhands – this, again, is a pretty much all year film, but it tends to come on around this time of year, and so this is when I tend to watch it. Who cares anyway, its a fantastic film!

3. Love Actually – because what is Christmas without Hugh Grant? This is one of his better films, aided by an array of other quite good actors and actresses.

2. Polar Express – for a kids film, this is surprisingly good. If you have children I do recommend watching this with them. The gasps of excitement from kids throughout this film are worth it.

1. Sleepless in Seattle – I grew up being made to watch films like this at Christmas time, and this one kind of stuck. Hey, it is RomCom season after all!


Next month will be my top 5 films series, because what with it being Winter, I expect most of my time will be spent watching these!


Quick Reviews Part 1


The-Man-Who-Forgot-His-WifeThe man Who Forgot His Wife, John O’Farrell

This is the amusing tale of a man suffering from amnesia, which I found to be an enjoyable take on things. It’s not one of those serious ‘OhMyGodlookwhatshappenedtothispoorguyitssoawful’ kinds of book, its more ‘thisisahilarioustakeonamnesiaandicantwaittoseetheoutcome’.

Being an emotionally unstable individual, but only at times, I was eagerly hoping for the reconciliation of Vaughn and his wife, who, as soon as re-meets her, finds out he’s divorcing her. But I will leave that for you to find out.

This book is not a literary study on all things mindful or a deep take on the complexities of the mind and the fragility of the soul, but who wants that? This is a light read with a not entirely implausible storyline. It’s an easy, light read.


The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared, Jonas JonassonThe-Hundred-Year-Old-Man-Who

I really enjoyed this book, it’s funny, witty and genuinely very interesting. This is a ridiculous take on world history, and a complete satirical view of world politics, and one mans promise to be politically neutral. Although, when you think politically neutral, that usually involves not helping anyone at all rather than helping anyone and everyone, as long as they happen to be ‘a nice chap’

When such situations occur as Kim Jong Il referring to Stalin as Uncle Stalin, or Harry S Truman getting completely plastered just before being announced as the new president, you should be laughing your socks off. If you are, you’re not human. Simple as.

This book is an entertaining read, and should have even the sternest of readers cracking a smile every couple of pages.


1331653Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Paul Torday

To be entirely honest, I wasn’t a fan of this book. I read this because I wanted to see the film, but I have a tendency to make myself read the books before watching the films. However, now I’ve read the book, I’m not sure that I’ll bother with the film now.

The book was a mish mash of different things going on – from marital issues to police investigations. It is an interesting topic in itself, albeit completely unrealistic, and the storyline could have easily been better portrayed, perhaps with the use of standard narrative. I found the format of email correspondence, police interviews and diary entries confusing, especially when used within one novel.

I completed this book after making a vow to myself that I will no longer put a book down half way through, but other than that, I cannot say that I enjoyed reading it. Usually I recommend reading the book yourself to make your own judgements, but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t recommend this book to a friend.


Book Review: The internet is a Playground by David Thorne



I have been made to look a fool many times in my life. In fact, some may argue that I have the natural essence of a fool. If this were the 17th century, I would be employed as a jester. I am the epitome of the class fool, etc, etc. (sometimes it’s hard to believe that I’m actually quite intelligent).

However, nothing has made me look such a fool as this book, having me in absolute hysterical laughter on a very packed London tube. Actually, no, I wouldn’t say fool – more like crazed maniac. I could very much pass for the cackling witch whilst reading this book.

Never before have I been so inspired to begin torturing people with similar ridiculous antics as displayed in David Thorne’s emails. In fact, I have a phone bill coming up soon and am wondering if they would accept a lovely drawing of an arachnid as payment (with all eight legs in tact)? Dear people at Orange, please get back to me regarding this matter.

Anyway, excellent book, very funny, will have you laughing like a lunatic. Is that enough adjectives?

I am reading this book on my new Kindle. I have recently been blessed with this Amazonian device and am thoroughly enjoying the discreetness it provides whilst reading at my desk. Would you know that from a sideways angle, it simply looks as if I am typing all day rather than resting both arms on the keyboard, either side of this little flat book? Much more convenient than popping to the restroom for 3-4 half an hour trips per day. I’m sure my colleagues must be convinced that I have some kind of bowel disorder.

All hail Autumn television!

Why does the US start new programmes in September/October? Is it because the winter blues are here and everyone’s too depressed to go outside? So they stay in watching TV and eat loads of cake. Well, America, I don’t appreciate that all shows are condensed into the autumn/winter months, spread them out a bit! Its not like I go out in summer, I have no social life America! Take that into account when making your schedules…

So anyway, the new season of:

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation –

A decent start, continuity from the last season which is always a good thing. And I know it’s been a few years, but I still miss Grissom. CBS, I will give you one hundred trillion dollars to bring him back! The weird bug guy made the show. But in all seriousness, the characters are good, let’s just hope for some consistently good content over the season.

CSI: New York –

Not an immensely strong season premiere, I hoped for better things from you New York! But, a decent amount of the original characters are still there. Just a pre-warning, you replace Gary and I’ll leave. Forever.

Law and Order: SVU –

Not too sure about the double episode, I didn’t think the content needed to be stretched quite that much. I’m also not entirely certain if I agree with all this conspiracy stuff. The show was good when they got victims, arrested criminals and tried them in court. Why change the recipe??

The Mentalist –

This programme is good because it is infuriating. Does that make sense? I’m not sure if I still like it as much as I did the first couple of seasons, BUT the fact that I still don’t know who Red John is will keep me watching.


Dun dun duuh, the terrorist is dead by the end of the programme?? Well I wasn’t expecting that! But it was pretty cool how it happened. These programmes really do have the clichés in common don’t they? I’m not sure why I continue to watch. I think its out of routine and familiarity at this stage.

Homeland –

I started watching this because my other half saw the advert and said “TCRC, I think you’ll love this” (Yes, my other half calls me by an acronym – because that is true love). So I watched season 1 and I guess I liked it enough to start watching this season too. Not too sure on the first episode, but it could develop nicely.

How I met your mother –

This is trash TV at its very best, and so frustrating. So the first episode starts off with a glimpse of the mother’s ankles – well now, that’s basically porn! Part of me hopes that this season will be the last, just so I can find out who the bloody mother is, while the other half is like, NO, carry on FOREVER!

The Big Bang Theory –

I’m kind of sad that Howard is still in space. It’s cool to watch but I do live in hope that he will return soon. This is by far the best of the returns this autumn, mainly because I can relate to the characters so well, being that I am a HUGE geek, and, obviously, a physicist. Well, I got an A in GCSE physics, so I’m probably qualified enough.

Any other shows you followers (all 7 of you) are watching this autumn?

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