Film: The Little Rascals

Little_rascals_ver2This film is a huge throwback to my childhood. I was given it for christmas but have just recently got around to watching it. I’m not one of those people that generally watch kids films (mainly because I don’t have kids so I have no excuse to), but there are a few films that I can spend hours rewatching and reminiscing about. This is one of them.

Watching it now, I can appreciate how genuinely good the children actors are (think Bugsy Malone, and how hard it must have been for the kids to stay in character). I love this film because of all the warm and fuzzy memories of childhood, but also because it is actually a good film.

It has everything a grown up rom com has, but in miniature. Darla, the infuriating female lead, with her pick of boys and enjoying the attention, and Alfalfa, the smitten and oh so sweet but not quite popular enough boy, portray the typical style love story. There is also go kart racing, which is always fun, and bubble singing!

This is a fun, witty film which is perfect for the whole family. If you have kids, I strongly suggest you watch it with them!

One Response to Film: The Little Rascals

  1. It was a pretty fun film, but the original black and white shorts are still funnier.

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