Book Review: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

book thiefThis is another borderline YA/Adult fiction book, and one that I believe truly has something for all. The story is narrated by death, and the encounters that he has with Liesel, a young girl adopted by a German family in a small town.

On the superficial level of the book, it is a story about Liesel’s love of books, and the friends that she makes through this passion, and the stories of her book thievery. This on it’s own is enough to keep a reader hooked. Yet, when you get deeper into the book and focus on the historical and political factors, you can see it is much more than this.

The Book Thief is at least in some way a protest of the fear of open mindedness and culture in Nazi Germany, it is a protest about the treatment of Jews (as I expect most things set within this time period would be – nobody agrees with the Holocaust, right?), it is a protest of hypocrisy and barbarism.

Above all, it is a well written and powerful novel that manages to evoke strong emotions, and forces a connection with the reader and the main character. I love the boldness of having death narrate the book, and I think it is a device that really does work.

I would recommend this to all.


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