TV: Impractical Jokers

I recently stumbled upon an extremely funny programme called ‘Impractical Jokers’. This then spawned a 3hour late night tv session with increasing levels of hysterical laughter. This was the UK version, broadcasted on BBC3. It is the first time I had heard of this show at all, but I have now become hooked.

After finding out that it was originally an American show, I decided to spend an entire day watching episodes and clips online. This was possibly one of the most rewarding things I have done in a while. If you have not seen this show, watch it. Here is a clip:

Try not to pee yourselves!


3 Responses to TV: Impractical Jokers

  1. tinkadele says:

    Haha, this creased me! It was even funnier when the guys who were in the “hot seat” were trying to hold back on laughing. I hadn’t heard of the show either but that was a worthy 5min40sec break from my Dissertation. Thanks for sharing, off to YouTube I go!

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