Ronson: The Story With No Ending

This is a general (and incredibly short) review of Jon Ronson the journalist and author. I recently read two of Jon’s books: The Psychopath Test and Them: Adventures with extremists. I also read The Men Who Stare at Goats, but that was quite a while ago, and my memories of it have kind of merged with the theme.


While the topics discussed in both of these books are interesting, and intrigue me completely, do not expect either of these books to give you any kind of answers. I like Jon Ronson as a writer – his writing is full of wit and is genuinely very engaging. The picture that is painted of the people he encounters is a rich tapestry (generally of craziness) and you can sincerely picture these people.

However, with both of these books, I found there to be no solid conclusion to the topics being discussed, only more questions. This is true also of a few of his articles that I read online. His writing is full of mystery, and will entice your curiosity, but with every great mystery tale there is a solid ending, a summing up of what happened, whodunit, etc. With Jon, you won’t get this. And it is a shame.

Nonetheless, I can’t help but to feel that I would very much like to be Mr Ronson, to travel the world meeting all types of people, speculating on the mysteries of the mind and of the universe, and get paid for it. Basically, not having to do any real kind of work, just hang out with a bunch of crazy folks for a few weeks a year. Sound good to you?

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