All The Many Mediums

I woke this morning to find a message on my iPhone that the 12 days of Christmas app had released its 4th free app this year. Today it is a book, and I suddenly remembered the existence of iBooks, which I had completely forgotten about and which has gone unused for as long as I have owned an iPhone.


Nonetheless, I downloaded Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes – because it was free. This is a book I normally would not look at twice – not that I am at all judging anyone for it, just that it’s not normally my thing. And then, as I entered the iBookstore and saw that there were other books available for free, I went on a downloading spree – as I did when I first got my kindle.

I love my Kindle, and I love my iPhone, but I just can’t help but feel more attached to a story when I am able to reach up, pull the book from the shelf and feel the pages between my fingers. I miss the days when reading was traditional like that. The technology does make it easier to read on the go, and I appreciate that and do find it helpful in day to day life/work/travelling, etc., but there is nothing better than curling up on a winters day with a book, a real book, made from paper and ink and nothing more.

3 Responses to All The Many Mediums

  1. Snigdha says:

    Aah..I still old fashioned way coz I have no Kindle and no iPhone. 😀
    But not complaining..its the best way to read ^_^

  2. khoirulashraff96 says:

    Reblogged this on inspirasilawakfm.

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