Quick Reviews Part 1


The-Man-Who-Forgot-His-WifeThe man Who Forgot His Wife, John O’Farrell

This is the amusing tale of a man suffering from amnesia, which I found to be an enjoyable take on things. It’s not one of those serious ‘OhMyGodlookwhatshappenedtothispoorguyitssoawful’ kinds of book, its more ‘thisisahilarioustakeonamnesiaandicantwaittoseetheoutcome’.

Being an emotionally unstable individual, but only at times, I was eagerly hoping for the reconciliation of Vaughn and his wife, who, as soon as re-meets her, finds out he’s divorcing her. But I will leave that for you to find out.

This book is not a literary study on all things mindful or a deep take on the complexities of the mind and the fragility of the soul, but who wants that? This is a light read with a not entirely implausible storyline. It’s an easy, light read.


The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared, Jonas JonassonThe-Hundred-Year-Old-Man-Who

I really enjoyed this book, it’s funny, witty and genuinely very interesting. This is a ridiculous take on world history, and a complete satirical view of world politics, and one mans promise to be politically neutral. Although, when you think politically neutral, that usually involves not helping anyone at all rather than helping anyone and everyone, as long as they happen to be ‘a nice chap’

When such situations occur as Kim Jong Il referring to Stalin as Uncle Stalin, or Harry S Truman getting completely plastered just before being announced as the new president, you should be laughing your socks off. If you are, you’re not human. Simple as.

This book is an entertaining read, and should have even the sternest of readers cracking a smile every couple of pages.


1331653Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Paul Torday

To be entirely honest, I wasn’t a fan of this book. I read this because I wanted to see the film, but I have a tendency to make myself read the books before watching the films. However, now I’ve read the book, I’m not sure that I’ll bother with the film now.

The book was a mish mash of different things going on – from marital issues to police investigations. It is an interesting topic in itself, albeit completely unrealistic, and the storyline could have easily been better portrayed, perhaps with the use of standard narrative. I found the format of email correspondence, police interviews and diary entries confusing, especially when used within one novel.

I completed this book after making a vow to myself that I will no longer put a book down half way through, but other than that, I cannot say that I enjoyed reading it. Usually I recommend reading the book yourself to make your own judgements, but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t recommend this book to a friend.


One Response to Quick Reviews Part 1

  1. The Man Who Forgot his wife sounds like a riot. I’m guessing amnesia is probably hilarious in that horrible, tragic kind of a way where all you can really do is laugh. Fab reviews – short and sweet.

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