Book Review: Brighton Rock by Graham Green

Now that I’ve started posting several updates per day, I worry that when I have my next moment of doing jack all and not writing anything for several weeks, the loss might be all the more felt.

Brighton Rock, Graham Greene

brighton rock$$$$$$

I read this book after a heated discussion with my family over the Kolley Kibber character. Kolley Kibber was based on the character of Lobby Lud, the newspaper man for the Westminster Gazette who would visit seaside towns and await to be challenged with the phrase “you are Lobby Lud and I claim my five pounds”.

So the argument started with a member or two of my family trying to convince me that this Lobby Lud character had been murdered whilst in Brighton. Sound hard to believe? Or maybe familiar? Well, that is because it is the storyline of Brighton Rock! Yep, my family were trying to convince me that this event had actually happened. Either that, or they were seriously confusing reality with fiction.

This is a kind of on the edge thriller, which keeps you gripped throughout so it is definitely a good read and well recommended. It’s hard to be my usual witty self reviewing this book, as it is not exactly the witty kind, but it is a very good book.

The character of Pinkie is perhaps one of the best fictional characters that I have ever come across. He’s dark, mysterious, manipulative, evil to the core, yet still with a very obvious hint of childhood innocence. When I closed the book, I sat back and took in the world around me. The ending of the book actually quite saddened me, and I had to question my own morals.

To be honest, it took me a while to get through this book, but that is mainly because it requires some reflecting and rereading, to make sure that ever aspect and detail is taken in. I wouldn’t suggest reading it if you aren’t after something heavy, as this is a deep and insightful read. Enjoy.


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