Songs for Christmas

While Gangnam style may be a very popular song that has a tendency to induce psychotic episodes and brings people to a happy place by dancing like a complete moron in public, I was left quite perplexed whilst watching BBC3 last night. Before the episode of Family Guy at 10.30pm, there was a show reel of all the films and television that will be shown throughout the Christmas season. These classic Christmas songs were set to the background music of Psy’s Gangnam style.

While I have nothing against ridiculous music that actually has the added effect of making ‘cool’ people look like retards, I am not sure whether the BBC has chosen the best genre of music to represent Christmas.

Here’s a list of better suited songs:

Jingle Bells – Yuletide Blasphemy

Merry Christmas I F_____ Your Snowman – Showcase Showdown

Slashed Wrists This Christmas – Gruff Rhys

I Will Cry at Christmas – Denim

Coventry Carol – Maddy Prior

Reindeer – The Knife

Blue Xmas (To Whom it May Concern) – Miles Davis

I Believe in Father Christmas – GregLake

I Was Thinking I Could Clean Up for Christmas – Aimee Mann

No Xmas for John Quays – The Fall

Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa – De La Soul

Santa Claus – The Sonics

Yeah so the entire list was stolen from a Guardian article but its Monday morning and I’m tired and lazy. Plus copy and pasting is so easy.

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