A Christmas Themed Day

This time is presents.

Have you seen that Superdrugs advert with Stacy from Gavin and Stacy  Where she goes in to the shop with the aim of buying her mum a present and ends up buying herself a bunch of stuff and forgetting the present…?

Well, that’s what its like for me when book shopping. Last week I visited my favourite bookshop twice with the aim of buying my grandfather a Christmas present, and ended up walking out with a bunch of books for myself and forgetting his. So, I will have to make another visit there this evening, not that I’m complaining or anything – although I’m not sure how long my bank balance can take it…

Its not that I mind going out of my way to visit Camden Lock Books in Old Street Station, especially as they have many fantastic books for £2.99, but after a few more visits I may be bankrupt. At least I’ll get to sleep on a pile of books, in my cardboard box house that I’ll inevitably have to move in to. Preferably in Old Street Station next to the book shop and rather than having a cup in which to place coins, I kindly ask you to donate me books.


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