Book Review: The internet is a Playground by David Thorne



I have been made to look a fool many times in my life. In fact, some may argue that I have the natural essence of a fool. If this were the 17th century, I would be employed as a jester. I am the epitome of the class fool, etc, etc. (sometimes it’s hard to believe that I’m actually quite intelligent).

However, nothing has made me look such a fool as this book, having me in absolute hysterical laughter on a very packed London tube. Actually, no, I wouldn’t say fool – more like crazed maniac. I could very much pass for the cackling witch whilst reading this book.

Never before have I been so inspired to begin torturing people with similar ridiculous antics as displayed in David Thorne’s emails. In fact, I have a phone bill coming up soon and am wondering if they would accept a lovely drawing of an arachnid as payment (with all eight legs in tact)? Dear people at Orange, please get back to me regarding this matter.

Anyway, excellent book, very funny, will have you laughing like a lunatic. Is that enough adjectives?

I am reading this book on my new Kindle. I have recently been blessed with this Amazonian device and am thoroughly enjoying the discreetness it provides whilst reading at my desk. Would you know that from a sideways angle, it simply looks as if I am typing all day rather than resting both arms on the keyboard, either side of this little flat book? Much more convenient than popping to the restroom for 3-4 half an hour trips per day. I’m sure my colleagues must be convinced that I have some kind of bowel disorder.

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