So I lied, no books, just TV

Well – a little bit about books.

When you’re off work sick what do you do? My general habits involve spending several hours feeling sorry for myself, and then indulging in warm drinks and watching Sherlock Holmes for hours on end. And when I say Sherlock Holmes, I mean the real thing – not that Hollywood Robert Downey Jr rubbish – I mean classical Jeremy Brett, horse and carriage, old school Sherlock Holmes.

However, I am also quite fond of the BBC show, Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. The best thing about this remake is that it doesn’t actually have the pretence of being a remake – it’s a whole new interpretation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s classics. It brings Sherlock to the present day without loosing the essence of the character – he is still that socially awkward, seemingly asexual detective that everyone loves.

In support of these two Sherlock Holmes franchises I bought them all on iTunes, then broke my laptop and have not bought myself a new one, so I am now stuck with bad quality internet streaming on the laptop borrowed from my other half. Oh the sacrifices one must make to get their necessary fix of comfort TV.

On a positive note, a third series of Sherlock is expected to start production in a few months time, so, hopefully, it wont be too long before the general population can indulge in this delight once again.

Also, a note about the books: They are fabulous – I’ve gotten through all of the short stories but have not yet got round to reading the novels. All in good time Arthur, I promise I shall read them soon.

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