Birthday Book Haul

Sorry it’s been a while, apparently I found myself a life somewhere =D

Sometime last week I turned a year older and ended up with a few new books. Admittedly a few of them were bought by me, but with money given as gifts, so there is no need to feel guilty about spending money when I’d promised myself I wouldn’t, right?

Apparently, my mother had a rather humorous conversation with a bookseller in Waterstones, who, judging by the last few books my mother could remember that I’d read, thought I was some kind of academic [PAH!] and was unsure whether I would appreciate the selections of The Man Who Forgot His Wife and The Hundred Year Old Man…However, my mother did give her reassurance that I was non discriminate and would be happy to read any old rubbish. Thanks mum.

So far I have gotten through one book and am half way through another. And so far, I am quite delighted.

Therefore, you will find many very academic book reviews to follow.

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