Book Review: Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman

Firstly, I should probably apologise for the rather large gap between postings, but I want to condition you very few readers not to expect consistency from me as I have a very active social life [PAH! As if], no seriously, apart from the social aspect my life is somewhat hectic at times.

Now, on to the actual review! It’s a good book, an excellent book actually, but, gathering from conversations with friends (my mum) it is stigmatised by those who haven’t read it as being crap, based on its content – this, I must say, is somewhat true. The content is not amazing, but they way it’s written actually enthralled me to the point where I couldn’t put it down and got through it in two days (somewhat impressive considering I work a full time job and it wasn’t a weekend).

However, despite the lack of substantial content on the surface, if you actively read between the lines, the story is there and it is good! Part of this search for the story is due to the innocence and ignorance of the narrator (have I said excellent writing technique?!). For the most part, you will know more than the narrator, you will assume more and you will have the background knowledge to read more – by the last few pages (whilst I was on the tube, by the way) I was gasping and praying that the outcome I could foresee as inevitable would not happen! You will understand this if and when you choose to read this.

From this book, Kelman clearly has outstanding writing talent and I look forward to discovering more of his works in the future.

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