The Brit chasers

Review: The Revolution Will Be Televised, BBC

Just a glimpse of BBC’s new satirical comedy. FYI: All the episodes so far are available on iplayer at the moment.

So this political comedy show, well it’s just ingenious isn’t it? Mocking our political system amongst other random British sentiments, it is a hilarious show. And seeing what these guys get up to and, more so, get away with is very entertaining. I recommend this show to any dissatisfied Brit or anyone who simply wants a laugh at “the man’s” expense.

And while I completely stand by the fact that this is a brilliant programme, the only issue I have with it in the slightest is its unoriginality. There is something about it that is just so reminiscent of the Aussie programme The Chasers’ War on Everything and, although the format is different, the familiarities are definitely there. Nonetheless, please do watch it!

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