What was that?

Film Review: Knowing, 2009

Well, this Nicolas Cage delight was…delightful. (Sensing the sarcasm?). I watched this film quite late last night, and I can’t be sure if my confusion was as a result of my tiredness, or if the film was just that weird… And I don’t mean weird in the cool Donnie Darko/weird rabbit/random fires kind of way, although there were plenty of random fires.

It’s like a cross between 2012 type films of world endings, Matrix style with a load of numbers that no-one really understands, and The Others with the are they real people? Or ghosts? Or angels? weirdness going on. Sci-fi, Thriller, Horror and Disaster, with a little bit of implied romance thrown in there.

I thought I understood it at first. There was a weird girl who could predict tragic events in the future and Cage had to try and prevent those still to come – and then it kind of turned into this really strange Biblical/Sun exploding kind of thing. Sounds confusing? Well it was.

I may have to try and sit through this again to try and figure out what the producers/directors/writers were actually thinking when this film was developed. But until then, it won’t be joining my recommended list. Sorry Nic!


2 Responses to What was that?

  1. tinkadele says:

    Interesting. I own this, somewhere.. I’ll probably watch it soon to see if we share the same viewpoint. It’s disappointing when a movie has glimpses at promising ideas but the plot actually makes little sense and the audience is to be stimulated by a few special effects that they’ve thrown in to accelerate the story!

    • With a lot of rework, the script could have really made for a good film. Its a shame when production companies just want to rush the film onto the screens without considering whether the story is worth telling…

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