These cool dudes…

This group of guys are, collectively, the epitome of cool. They are the most talented bunch of fellows I have ever seen, and it’s a damn shame that they were around so long ago. Man, it would be so cool if music were like this now. I should have been born in the 40s!

Music has taken a turn for the worse in current years, with scantily clad ladies, occasionally dressed in cuts of meat, singing about meaningless rubbish like how badly they want to be Barbie, to tunes that make you want to rip your hair out. Well, I like jazz. Judge someone else, you Nicki Minaj loving hippies.

Anyway, about these guys: They are Cab Calloway and the Nicholas brothers performing together and they are amazing! The Nicholas brothers were singers in their own rights, but this video only showcases their tap ability which, I must say, is outstanding. And Cab Calloway, well he’s just about the coolest singer I’ve ever seen! (heard)

Watch these videos, add them to your favourites, and acknowledge the fact that your iPod will remain obsolete until these are amongst your collection.

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